You can't always see injuries coming!

When they do happen they can wreck your game and even your life.

The start of the sports season is when many injuries occur and the good news is that even though you can't see them all coming, it is possible to identify those at increased risk of injury.  Physiotherapy is the place to start this process with a sports physiotherapy injury screening assessment.

Using some simple clinical screening tests a sports physiotherapist can identify risk factors that may predispose you to injury: poor hip rotation, hip muscle imbalance,  low flexibility, age and prior injury to the back, groin or hamstrings are a few examples of individual risk factors for injury.

This approach is hi-tech and involves video biomechanical assessment using joint markers.  It also uses the latest up-to-date screening tests which are supported by recent scientific findings.

You can expect to come out of an injury screening assessment with the answers to 3 questions:

  1. Do I have an increased  risk of injury?
  2. What can be done to reduce that risk?
  3. How long will that process take?

You'll also get a free report on the main findings.

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