If you play sport, if you train, if you keep fit or if you just like to stay active, a sports injury can be really frustrating.  Whether it really hurts or it’s just a niggle an injury stops you doing what you love.  Often injuries come at a really bad time, like just as you were starting to get fit, just as the season was heating up or nearing finals or just after you turned a new page and decided to get healthy. For every sports injury Geelong sports people may get, Enable Physio has the treatment.

There are times when rest just isn’t enough to recover from a sports injury and it can be really hard to know what to do.  You’ll get advice from all corners and looking things up on Google can be a lottery. Pain is a useful guide but the absence of pain doesn’t mean that everything is ok. Sports medicine can be complex and there are times when you need assistance. This is where sports physiotherapy shines.

Think about the TV, when you see an athlete get injured on the field; who goes out and assesses the damage? Makes a call then later works on the recovery? It’s the physio. Physiotherapists are trained experts in pain and movement.

At Enable Physio our sports injury clinic is geared towards helping sportsmen and women from all over Geelong return to training and competition. We have a great 3 stage injury solution to get you back to peak performance and you can be confident that your physio has the experience needed to help you get rid of pain; get back to sport and stay injury free.  We get great results with sports injuries.

Whether you just got injured, can’t get rid of an existing one or you’re worried about future injury, sports physiotherapy can usually help. Where you start the process depends on where you are at the moment. At Enable Physio we take a thorough approach to sports injuries and part of your recovery involves identifying your individual risk factors for injury. Some of these we can change like strength and flexibility and some we can’t like age and previous injuries. So get in touch with us if you want to reach your peak performance.