Achieving results in physio comes down to understanding the cause of the problem.  At Enable Physio, we start this process with a detailed and thorough physiotherapy assessment.  We then provide treatment based on your needs, goals, preferences and past experiences.  We use current techniques to reduce pain and address its cause, not just the symptoms. Your own unique story, physical characteristics and abilities are taken into account and you’ll be treated and respected as an individual.

Australian Physiotherapy AssociationAt Enable Physio you’ll receive expert hands-on physiotherapy care and advice.  First appointments are 45 minutes and follow-up appointments are 30 mins so you won’t feel rushed.

Physiotherapists use a wide range of assessment and treatment techniques and this should be underpinned by good listening skills, to establish why you’ve come for physiotherapy and how we can best help you. At Enable Physio we ensure we use the latest up-to-date evidence based physiotherapy techniques so we can provide the most effective level of care to our patients.

As a small business we aim to ensure that everyone who visits us for physiotherapy leaves with a positive experience and feels healthier. To find out more about our great range of treatments  CLICK HERE.


Matt Woodhouse

My name is Matt and I’ve been a physiotherapist for 18 years.  I finished my training in London in 2006 at St George’s Hospital Medical School and moved to Australia in 2007.  I have worked as a physio in the UK and Australia in many different roles in public health, private health and with sports clubs.  I’m a people person and I love being a physio.  Helping my patients to recover is the most important aspect of my time here at Enable Physio.  The most enjoyable feature of my role is the people I get to meet and finding out more about them then helping them to recover.  My patients continue to teach me a great deal, whether it’s through the refinement of my clinical skills, or the landscaper who taught me about hedges!

When you visit the clinic for the first time, I will ask about the current injury and its effects on day-to-day life.  I’ll also ask about what an ideal future would look like, without injury, and we’ll work towards your goals for that future.

I treat more conditions that I can list here, but my areas of special interest are manual therapy (hands-on treatment), sporting injuries, dry needling, treatment of neck and lower back pain, shoulder pain, persistent pain and managing tendon injuries (tendinopathy).

I am naturally curious and love to learn. I completed physiotherapy postgraduate studies in 2017 and recently completed a psychology undergraduate degree.

Outside of work my children make my world go round.  I spend my free time exercising, reading, gardening, listening to music, travelling and doing DIY.

As a physio, I pride myself on my depth of experience, my level of skill and my ability to connect to patients and listen to their needs.