Never had a headache?.........Silly question, right? We reckon you’d search for a long time to find someone who’s never had a headache. They’re pretty normal, but it’s not normal if they keep coming back. Enable Physio provides the best headache treatment Geelong has to offer.

There are many reasons why people get headaches and the end results can be terrible. This means pain, sickness, visual disturbance, light sensitivity, ringing in the ears, to name just a few of the main problems.   While reading this might be enough to give you a headache, the good news is that for many people physiotherapy can offer a lasting solution for headaches.

So what does physio have to offer when it comes to headache treatment? Well let’s take things back a step, not all headache types will respond to physiotherapy but many will and in the right hands you can expect fast results. Physiotherapy can be a really powerful way to treat headaches. Want to know more? Well read on…..

Of the many types that exist, headaches that stem from neck problems (cervicogenic) are thought to account for 15-20% of all headaches. When we say neck problems this could mean pain but it can also mean stiffness, lack of movement or just altered movement. Through some pretty complex interactions, the joints in the upper part of the neck will cause headaches for many people and this is where physio can help.

Headache treatment is a key focus of our clinic at Enable Physio and we begin this process with a skilled assessment of your head and neck movement. This includes looking at your posture, flexibility and strength. Using precise hands on techniques, your physio will test the joints in the neck as part of the assessment. In most cases it’s clear cut whether or not physio can help. If it can, the treatment may consist of joint mobilisation, soft tissue therapy or dry needling. Strengthening and flexibility exercises along with postural advice also play a big role and you can expect fast results.

So here’s two good reasons why you shouldn’t delay seeking help:

  • Headaches shouldn’t be ignored, they can be a sign of a more serious health problem.
  • Physiotherapy can provide quick and lasting relief.

Talk to us about how we can help with the best headache treatment Geelong has.