Are you struggling with back pain? Enable Physio can provide the effective back pain treatment Geelong people seek.

Back pain sucks and most people know that. In fact 80-90% of people of Aussies will experience it at some stage in their life.  For some it might involve a minor ache but for others it involves severe pain with long periods off work, a poor quality of life and in some cases surgery.

Back pain varies a lot, some people can’t walk, sit or lie without severe pain.  Others may find it almost impossible to put on shoes or socks.  Rolling over in bed can be a real challenge for some whereas others just can’t sit, do long drives or even sneeze.  Back pain affects athletes and sports people too and accounts for a lot of time away from training and competition.

The reasons for back pain can be complex and may involve injury to muscles, discs, ligaments, joints and nerves.  Much of the time there may not be an obvious injury and the pain just creeps up.  We now know that looking at lifestyle factors is an important part of treating back pain.  This includes things like exercise and activity levels, posture, diet, smoking, depression, stress, work, the list goes on!

The best approach to back pain treatment takes into account all the relevant factors, including the physical factors and lifestyle factors.  At Enable Physio we have a solution that gets fast results.  Our back pain treatment begins with a detailed assessment to identify and address all the relevant causes of your back pain, knowing what’s most important helps us to deliver the best treatment.  In the early stages we use joint mobilization and manipulation as well as massage, taping and dry needling to reduce pain and these techniques are very effective.  Physiotherapists can offer many forms of treatment for back pain and at Enable Physio our philosophy is to get to grips with the problem first before diving into the treatment side of things.

To reduce further episodes of back pain we work with patients to address the underlying causes.  Here treatment might involve working on tight muscles or strengthening weak areas.  It may also involve posture advice or even help on how to relax and control stress.

Back pain can be alleviated quickly in many cases and with the right advice its impact and recurrence can be reduced.  Like most health related matters its normally smarter to seek help about back pain sooner rather than later before the problem grows.  To enquire about our back pain program click here.