Physiotherapists live to help people recover from pain and injury.  At Enable Physio, a Geelong physiotherapy clinic, we have tried and tested skills to help us to help you.

Our physiotherapy clinic is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all of our patients. We use the latest up-to-date assessment and treatment techniques to deliver an individual treatment plan to meet your health needs and goals. We offer highly skilled physiotherapy services for a wide range of conditions.


Our most popular forms of treatment are:

  • Acupuncture & Dry Needling.
  • Massage and soft tissue therapy, including stretching, muscle energy techniques & deep tissue massage.
  • Joint mobilisation & manipulation.
  • Taping: both rigid sports strapping & Kinesiotape.
  • Postural correction & education.
  • Teaching new patterns of movement incorporating Pilates & Yoga.
  • Using braces & orthotic devices.
  • Video recording analysis.
  • Prescribing exercise plans & using supervised exercise sessions.
  • Teaching relaxation techniques.
  • Education- this means teaching you about your condition, why injuries and pain occur and how to manage them and how to prevent their reoccurrence.


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